home working desk or console table?

Since the start of lock-down we’ve all been trying to better understand our working environment or should I say our new working environment, working from home. Making maximum use from the space that we have at home has been really important and that goes for those of us with a designated office space in our homes and those who have to commandeer a space during the day.

At Rich-T we are firm believers that there should be no compromise with function and form. Our off the shelf or custom made desks all allow owners to switch use with ease, who wants to unpack a fold up desk and fold it away again at the end of the day! If it’s beautiful and built to the right dimensions why can’t it do a number of jobs?

Console tables are ideal for this purpose with a slender profile and wooden or metal legs, they have the right width to accommodate a laptop and all the necessary work “stuff” and importantly sit at the right height to provide a comfortable work station. At the end of the day these tables grace a hallway or cubbyhole as a standalone unique bespoke table.

I use one myself, we are lucky enough to have a small office at home but as with many households this wasn’t enough as soon as more than one individual needed to work from home, add to that home schooling and workspace is at a real premium.

Ultimately, flexibility is king, my point is that it doesn’t have to be boring or utilitarian to serve as a workstation, it’s all too easy to fall into the trap of thinking what do I use at work and replicating that at home. There are so many options, many beautiful handmade tables that can deliver a number of functions in and around your home. We can even weatherproof it, working from the garden, now there’s a thing!

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